Buying Land is Easy With the Land Buyer’s Guidebook

May 18, 2009

The Land Buyer's GuidebookWas your land purchase a nightmare? Do you wish you could do it all again, only this time without all the headaches? Buying recreational property or rural land can be an overwhelming experience, especially when building your own home on the most perfect piece of rural land you can find. Your real estate agent may not be the most knowledgeable person to turn to for help. So rather than relying completely on your agent, “take charge, ask questions, and insist on answers before you buy.” So says Marte Cliff in her book, The Land Buyer’s Guidebook.

I’ve worked with some really outstanding realtors. But, the real estate industry has plenty of room for unscrupulous or inexperienced real estate agents clamoring for your business. You can’t assume that your real estate agent has accurate information about the property you want to buy. In fact, when it comes to buying recreational property, vacant land, or Idaho property in a rural or remote area, Marte suggests that you protect yourself by not telling your agent anything you don’t want the seller to know. She also offers excellent advice on things like negotiating your purchase and reviewing your title commitment as part of your due diligence list.

The Land Buyer’s Guidebook can save you thousands of dollars on your next purchase of vacant land or recreational property and help you avoid the costly mistakes (like not checking property boundaries) that are so often made by people who want to build their own home. Just knowing what questions to ask can point you in the right direction and save you money in the long run. Marte provides 26 critical questions to ask as you investigate buying land for your new home. Does the parcel have legal access? Can I get fire insurance? Is this land “open range”? She also discusses when it’s appropriate to ask the seller to cover certain costs, saving you even more money.

If you’re thinking about building building a house on vacant land, make sure you do your homework to avoid any hidden costs. The land you love may not be a legal parcel or there may be covenants that restrict your building site. Marte’s experience buying and selling northern Idaho land and property, and building homes on vacant land gives her a unique perspective when it comes to living in a rural environment. She really helps you think about the services you’ll need and asks questions that shed light on hidden development costs.

Marte’s style is credible, personable, wise, and respectful. She is an advocate for buyers becoming more aware of the pitfalls associated with purchasing recreational property,  building a home on vacant land, and living in a rural area. Her real life experience with clients and the way she conveys her knowledge through story telling is a gift. The personal stories she conveys are poignant and drive home her message. Even the best agent can make mistakes. Take responsibility for your land purchase by doing your due diligence.

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