Land and Soul Peaks Reader Interest

May 14, 2009

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Land and Soul. As you continue to read, what you’ll find are topics that interest me. I hope they’ll interest you as well. These topics change as I get older and either  grow weary of the same tired information or have little to gain from their pursuit. On the whole, my primary interests fall into a few categories.

First, I’m interested in educating people about land issues. Based on my experience, I’ve noticed that private landowners know very little about the bundle of property rights they actually own and ways to make government programs work for them. Better yet, how can landowners get the government or other organizations to pay them money while still retaining ownership? I’ve also realized over time that few people really understand how to find the information they need when it comes to buying land. They depend too much on their Realtor for all the answers. I believe buyers should take more control of the buying process by becoming more educated about land itself.

Just so you know, I’m not interested in land development. I certainly understand it and I think there’s a place for it. It’s just not part of what I promote. Actually, let me qualify that by saying I can stand behind limited development so long as it offers a cutting edge solution to sustainable living, or it isn’t dishonestly marketed as having great conservation benefits when lands are set aside that otherwise have little development value.  So, I’m going to be writing about buying land and what I think people should know before, during, and after they buy it. I’ve got a ton of experience in this area, but my focus was never on subdividing, building a home, or otherwise developing land. When it’s appropriate, I will refer readers to information that I think is credible in these areas.

Second, I’m interested in conservation. I’ve built a career in wildlife habitat conservation, and there’s a whole world out there that people know very little about. I’d like to share that world with my readers. Mitigation of fish and wildlife habitat losses, specifically, is interesting but it’s a very small niche and doesn’t go far enough in sparking my need for something much more meaningful. Where things really get interesting is in the world of biodiversity conservation. There are some great things happening around the world in this area and new markets are being developed. For many of us, going “green” is really a baby step to something much, much bigger. I want to show readers what that looks like.

Third, I’m interested in ways of fostering an understanding of indigenous communities, traditional land sovereignty, and cultural land use practices. Specifically, I want to explore the role conservation, development and tourism play in benefiting and/or impacting native cultures as well as ways of promoting sustainable economic alternatives by and for native cultures and communities.

Finally, I’m always interested in fun and interesting ways that ideas are presented to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles. So, whenever I come across something I think you’ll enjoy, I’ll share it with you!

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