The Wise Acres Guidebook: A Review

June 1, 2009

Wise AcresThis is the second in a series of reviews focusing on land buying guidebooks. Robert Minnella’s Wise Acres Guidebook to Buying Land informs land buyers about the necessary permitting requirements prior to building their own home. Mr Minnella’s permitting expertise is apparent when it comes to teaching land buyers what to ask before making an offer to purchase vacant land.

The Wise Acres Guidebook is not directed at those land buyers searching for information about saving money buying land via purchase negotiation or creative financing. Rather, Mr. Minnella’s premise is that “you can save thousands of dollars by simply knowing what questions to ask” in your property search. Before making your final parcel selection, make sure you consider how a slight change in location can have an effect on the amount you will ultimately pay to build your home – impact fees, building permits and other site development costs can vary widely from one jurisdiction to the next.

This book also provides readers with detailed information and tips for developing land, including driveway construction and home position or placement. The guidebook offers readers, by way of a few good examples, valuable information on the impact location can ultimately have on the overall cost of building a home.

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