Building a House

Contracting Your Own Home – A Review

June 12, 2009 Building a House

For those of you that are looking for the ultimate guide to building a house, look no further. I am so impressed by the American Home Counsel book, The Ultimate Guide to Contracting Your Own Home. It is well written and full of knowledgeable information, tips and advice. For such a small price you get […]

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The Wise Acres Guidebook: A Review

June 1, 2009 Building a House

This is the second in a series of reviews focusing on land buying guidebooks. Robert Minnella’s Wise Acres Guidebook to Buying Land informs land buyers about the necessary permitting requirements prior to building their own home. Mr Minnella’s permitting expertise is apparent when it comes to teaching land buyers what to ask before making an […]

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Buying Land is Easy With the Land Buyer’s Guidebook

May 18, 2009 Building a House

Was your land purchase a nightmare? Do you wish you could do it all again, only this time without all the headaches? Buying recreational property or rural land can be an overwhelming experience, especially when building your own home on the most perfect piece of rural land you can find. Your real estate agent may […]

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